Thursday, March 25, 2010

Taking Applications... for the Perfect Man

I've had some conversations with people on what I'm looking for, and have been accused of being picky... But really... can't I expect a little more than okay with who I get.  They need to be good enough... but come on... I want a little more (not much... but a little more).

Do you remember how when you were like 14 and had to make a list of all the qualities that you wanted?  That's what I did here.  So... while writing down some thoughts on another blog, I started listing what I'm looking for.  Maybe this person doesn't exist... But I want to believe that he does.  I've decided to share this list with you loyal readers.  Good thing I think there are only like 4 people reading my blog.

So... here's the list...

I want to be able to find someone who...
  • Really, truly cares about me
  • Is strong in the gospel
  • Will make me laugh
  • Is not afraid of the kitchen… or at least someday will to help in the kitchen (they don’t have to learn how to cook but will hang out with me and help me… awwww cute…)
  • Loves children
  • Watches ESPN (I don't follow enough on my own but I like to be in the loop)
  • Loves his family
  • Loves his mom
  • Likes sports (playing, watching, etc.)
  • Potentionally likes to travel
  • Is educated (… I don’t care if this means they are a doctor but they do value learning)
  • Is fun
  • Is genuine
  • Is taller than me
  • Is good with money
  • Thinks they are the luckiest person by being with me (because I’m sure I’ll feel the same way)
  • Is good at their calling
  • Likes to serve
  • Can work hard
  • Is easy to talk to
  • Loves me
  • I can have fun with sitting around the house doing nothing
  • Will make me happy

Do you know of anyone like this?

Monday, March 15, 2010

Addicted to Cooking and I'm in Love....

My name is Christi Fisher... and I'm a cooking addict.

This year I decided it was time to really start trying some new recipes.  I think I've gone overboard but lucky you if you get to be the guinea pigs who tries out my recipes.  Most have been successes but there are a few that I wish I could do over... (Sorry everyone... next time I won't use a jar of pepper like the recipe called for.)

Also, I'm in love with Rachael Ray.  I love her kitchenware, her recipes, her personality, her show... and... yesterday I found a deal where I can subscribe to her EVERYDAY magazine for less than $3 for the year... I bought a four year subscription for $11.72 (give or take some change).  Now, I'm really stalking her.

So... I figured since I'm so good and keeping this blog up-to-date, why not try another one.  So, I've created a blog just on the recipes I've tried, family favorites, or ones that look really good.  If you want to follow along on some recipes I've tried go to my online cookbook.

It's been a lot of fun... and mostly really good.

Low Country Boil (and late night blogging... excuse any typos)

It's 1:52 AM... It's getting to be a regular routine of not being able to go to sleep on the Sunday nights.  So... I'm being productive.  I'm going to make Wendy proud (she's the cute girl in the pink up above).

I love Sundays, and in particular Sunday nights and dinner at my house.  A few weeks ago, I decided to introduce Low Country Boil to a few of my closest friends.  It's fantastic!!!!  You take a little bit a sausage (make sure you specify to Tina what Summer Sausage is though because otherwise you have to get creative of how you use the sausage), corn on the cob (not as easy to find in January, celery, carrots, and some raw shrimp.  Add some spices let it cook for awhile and then drain it...

And dump it on the table!!!!

It's a feast.  Really... one of my favorite meals.