Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Sponsor a Mile

For those of you who are actually reading my blog... I've recently set some lofty goals. Because of this, I had to scale back on a few things. I am not doing P90X... that will be saved for .... later... when there's time... maybe 2018.

However, I am doing well on the school part (super busy but still excited about it) and the no snacks/treats part. I'm at 3 weeks and 2 days and still no snacks (having utilizied the cheat days yet). Oh... but last night... who how I wanted a snack. I guess that's what happens when I'm heading home at 10 pm for the first time all day.

And, finally, I'm doing well on the running part. I'm bumping up this miles really fast but I'm doing it. My race might be slow, but it's going to be completed. So... here's where you come in or loyal listeners.... I need help.

This race that I'm doing is the Marine Corps Marathon in Washington DC. I work and run an organization called Safe Kids Utah. Our parent organization in headquartered in DC. Safe Kids USA is a charity sponsor of the Marine Corps Marathon. In order for us to participate in this event, Safe Kids USA and Safe Kids Utah are raising funds to help support our organization. Safe Kids is run completely, 100% on donations. We are a public health organization whose mission is to help prevent unintentional injury and death to children 0-14 years old. We provide education through providing car seats to families in need, distributing smoke alarms or bicycle helmets or educating parents and caregivers about water safety, fire safety, and home safety, these proven initiatives help prevent the number one killer of children in the United States--preventable injury. This work can only be done through donations, whether large or small, to help complete our mission.

So... I'm taking it upon my self to raise $5000 for Utah. However, I'm hoping to have some friends and families who know of the importance of this mission and what I'm doing to be able to help with some donations.

Which mile do you want?
I am giving you the chance to sponsor a mile. You choose the mile, and I will dedicate that mile specifically to you. I will do this by taking pictures, blogging, or tweeting (when finished) about what I saw and heard on that mile, dedicated specifically to you. I will even design a T-shirt with your name on the bag with the mile that you sponsored. You tell me the mile and the donation, and I'll take care of the rest. If you want to donate at a different level, here are some suggested levels:

• $26.20 = Marathon Level ($1/mile)
• $52.40 = Double Marathon Level ($2/mile)
• $100.00 = Ultra Marathon

Go to my personal fundraising page to follow my progress... oh... and you can submit your donation directly to that page.

That's all for now, my loyal readers. Thank you upfront for your substantial charitable donation.

Monday, August 16, 2010

And the race is on....


Ute Football:  17 days until kickoff (too bad I have to miss that game, so 24 days until I step feet into Rice-Eccles Stadium in a lovely shade of red.

PMBA:  4 classes (10 days) until my first PMBA class is complete.

MCM: 75 days until the Marine Corps Marathon.

Christmas: 130 Days until Christmas and the first annual (or maybe just first and only) Fisher 5K

Wasatch Back/Ragnar Relay: 298 Days until Team BattFishMan: The Greatest Superhero... ...ever makes its running debut throughout Utah.

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Come for Dinner???

Quick question????

When you invite someone over for dinner, who's doing who a favor? 

Interesting conversation I had tonight though....  I call you and invite you to dinner and this might become a semi-regular invite (along with some other friends), but you only take up the invite occasionally because you don't want to wear out your welcome.  So, who's doing who a favor?

Monday, August 2, 2010

90 Days Left (Starting Tomorrow)

I've been using this blog to make annoucements when I set goals.  This is my way to be accountable to a few friends and get the friendly reminder of how I'm doing.  So, right here, right now, I'm going to let you know that starting tomorrow, I have 90 days to complete my training, to complete P90X, and to take a break from sugar.  So... by Halloween, I should feel pretty healthy.

Tonight, I invited over a bunch of friends to help get rid of the junk food in my house.  They did a great job!!! Just downed those cupcakes, cookies, and root beer floats.  A few very special friends took home a few bottles of root beer.  The rest of my treats are tucked safely away in my freezer.

By Halloween, I'll be ready to run a marathon, have graduted from P90X, made it halfway through my first semester of the PMBA program, have sworn off sugar (but I'm giving myself 5 cheat days... just a little FYI), and have followed the UTES through 75% of their final season with the Mountain West.

I think that should keep me occupied enough.  Check back often for more updates... I'll keep you posted.