Thursday, August 4, 2011

How to Go A-Courting....

DISCLAIMER:  I really hope no one I work with actually follows my blog.  I don't think they do, but if so... SURPRISE... I'm looking for a new job.  Don't tell anyone!!!!  For the rest you... if you know of anyone or anything, send it my way....

A year ago, I was accepted and started the MBA program at the University of Utah.  A few months into the program, I did what it seems like all of my classmates were doing, I started job hunting.  Now the trick here is... I'm still trying to figure out what I want to do.  With background in journalism, health care administration, health promotion & education, and now business administration... I'm basically not qualified to do anything.... Or a lot of things.  I just need to narrow down what I want to do when I grow up.

So... lately starting to feel that finding a job is like trying to find a guy...  (and in my case right now... maybe even a roommate... however... maybe I should work on finding a guy roommate instead of keep having this girls move in... but that's another blog for another day)

1st- You have to make yourself appealing and hide your flaws... AT ALL TIMES!!!  I read somewhere once that you always need to act like someone is watching.  Be nice and genuine with people.  You never know when the next person you meet (or someone you haven't seen in years) might actually be "the one".  This could either to get you an introduction or a step in a professional (or personal) positive direction.

2nd- Dress for success.  When dressing for a potentially new career (or relationship), dress to impress.  But on your best outfit to show that you are serious about what you want to do and where you want to go.  You want to make sure you are dressing up enough to show you are serious about this but you don't want to completely outdue the person doing the courting here.

3rd- Networking is KEY!!!!  From colleagues, to friends, to classmates, to church, to the random person I meet on the street, someone is bound to know something (or someone perfect for me).  Now to take the advice, and use it to find an new opportunity. 

4th- Know who you are and what you can do.  MARKETING is the ESSENTIAL.  Learn who you are, create an elevator speech and practice, practice, practice.  Figure out why this person should want to call you in the first place, know what you can offer, and you will find a new relationship.

5th- Now,  you found the company (or person) you are most interested.  TIME TO DO YOUR RESEARCH.  It's time to learn all you can from the person you will be meeting with.  Cyberstalk AWAY.  Learn as much as you can, in order to ask knowledgeable questions and prove that you are truly interested in the company... (Now... remember there is a line that might turn into being creepy so just keep those things a secret but ask the right questions to get this person to share this information... trust me... it's doeable.)

6th-  Getting the FIRST Interview (or date): After talking, selling my myself, networking, and lots of effort, the phone will come.  Someone is interested in me enough to meet in person.  Now, to make them love me...

7th-  ASK QUESTIONS!!!! When meeting to figure out if the two of you are right together, make sure you are showing that you are genuinely interested in this person.  Questions will help keep the conversation going, it will show that you are serious about this new opportunity, and it will help you learn more about this person (or company) sitting across from you.

8th- Waiting for the Follow-Up: Now this is important that you realize that this should be a two-way street.  After the initial meeting, make sure you let the other party know that you are interested in pursuing a future opportunities.  A simple follow-up thanking for the first encounter is crucial.

9th- Last but not least... KNOW yourself, VALUE yourself, and STAY POSITIVE!!!! The potential new opportunity will see this and only wants someone who respects themself, is willing to work, knows what they are worth, and leads a happy life.  This will make this person intique and want to learn more about you.  A 2nd Interview (or date) or a Proposal (either works here) could be happen in the new future.