Monday, January 7, 2008

New Year's Resolution... I mean New Year Goals

So, last year I decided that I don't want to make new year's resolutions any more. People break resolution and once you break it, you're done... it's over... you failed. So, I decided to make new year goals instead. With golas you get to have forgiveness and you get to start over if you mess up one day. This year I decided to do the same. So, that said... the following are my new year goals for 2008.

  1. Finish my thesis and graduate with my master's degree.

  2. Run a marathon, again... in 5 hours 30 minutes or less.... I'm thinking it will be the Ogden Marathon in May.

  3. Run 3 half-marathons... Moab in March, Salt Lake in April, and one more... not sure which one

  4. Find a new job in Health Education.

  5. Get a six pack... or a least flat abs.

  6. Become a size 8 or less.

  7. Lose 25 pounds

  8. Read the Book of Mormon cover to cover.

  9. Go to the temple once a month.

  10. Pay off credit cards.

  11. Go to Hawaii or Mexico.

  12. Get my own place.

I have some other goals but I think that's all I'll post at this point.... maybe more will come later.