My (Growing) Bucket List

So... I used to have bucket list somewhere but I can't find it so I'm going to start over.  Once I find it, I'll compare lists.  Things might change :) 

This list starts today... Wednesday, April 14, 2010

  1. To get married.
  2. Be a mom
  3. Go to Africa
  4. Go on a safari 
  5. Visit every temple in Utah 
  6. Visit every state in the United States
  7. Be debt free
  8. Donate $10,000 to charity of my choice
  9. Buy a house
  10. Go to a professional football game
  11. Go "swimming" in every ocean
  12. Go to the top of a lighthouse
  13. Get published
  14. Go to Australia
  15. Step foot on every continent
  16. Complete a tri-atholon
  17. Go sailing
  18. Go sky-diving
  19. Fly a plane
  20. Go to Alaska
  21. Walk the Great Wall of China
  22. Walk the streets of Sound of Music
  23. Fall in love (for real)
  24. Go to Canada
  25. Visit Italy
  26. Dance in the rain
  27. Play Strip Poker
  28. See Machu Picchu
  29. Visit the Taj Majal
  30. See the pyramids in Egypt
  31. Go to Jerusalem
  32. Visit Mount Rushmore
  33. Go up the Space Needle
  34. Hike Mt. Everest (at least part of it) 
  35. Go to the Redwoods in California
  36. Go to Costa Rica
  37. Have a six-pack
  38. Get a new year's kiss
  39. See Niagara Falls
  40. Be a volunteer at the Olympics
  41. Go scuba diving
  42. Join a bowling league
  43. Go on a hot air balloon ride
  44. Go on a helicopter ride
  45. Go white water rafting
  46. Get a birdie in golf
  47. Learn to rock climb
  48. Go on a Zip Line
  49. Go to Times Square for New Year's
  50. See Big Ben in England
  51. Knit a Quilt
  52. See Stonehedge in England
  53. Go to Hawaii
  54. Go on a road trip across country
  55. Create a "coffee table" book of my photos
  56. Read the entire standard works
  57. Visit 100 temples (can't keep up with all the temples being built)
  58. Be interviewed that goes nationwide
  59. Be invited to participate in a professional sports (playing, helping, sitting on the 'floor')
  60. Buy something at Bloomingdales
  61. Win in Vegas
  62. Invest in the stock market
  63. Have family prayer
  64. Go deep sea fishing
  65. Ride on a dog sled
  66. Be a vegetarian (for 1 month)
  67. Grow a successful garden
  68. Go without my phone for a month
  69. Quit texting for a month
  70. Go on a sabbatical
  71. Stop Facebook-ing for a month
  72. Plant a garden
  73. Rescue a dog from a shelter
  74. Complete p90x
  75. Drive the entire Pacific Coast Highway
  76. Camp on the Beach
  77. Learn yoga
  78. Cook a lobster
  79. Bake and decorate a wedding cake (or something as extravagant)
  80. Start my own business

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