Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Falling into Place

I just wanted to take a second and recognize how Heavenly Father keeps getting in my way....
  • Finding a job in California (it wasn't my original plan for a "fun" place to move but it's definitely a good replacement... and technically I was putting it on lists when I told people where I wanted to move...).  Not only finding a job but finding the exact job that I want, in an area that I want to be in, in a new area, with an effort to start a new life and get out of my Salt Lake City rut.
  • Housing has fallen into place
    • Todd House (housing by the temple... which gave me a sense of familiarity when moving to the Bay Area)
    • San Jose (house with a family while I got familiar with the job and the area)
    • Two temporary housing options opened up within 12 hours of each other in Palo Alto giving me a chance to get to know other single, LDS people and start making a social life
    • Spot opened up in a house in San Francisco that is exactly what I want... (it's in the area I wanted to move into, with a garage, off the beaten path of SF... and room for ALL of my stuff.  I was thinking about getting my own place but the girl I'm moving in with seems great... and she doesn't have anything so we'll make a good team.)
    • The girl I'm taking her spot from in the place in SF, is going to take my spot in the place in Palo Alto... she just got a job South and doesn't want to commute either.
  • Job is great and in great area of The City
  • Friends out of the area who suddenly remember people they know in the area and connect me with those people... which is leading to finally starting to make friends
That's all I can think of right this second... I'll come back and add more later.  All in all, its been a slow change and I feel like I'm friendless.  However, its only been a month and ultimately things are really good and I'm happy.

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Adjusting to the New Life

It's happening... I finally feel like I'm going to be getting settled....

I've been here in California for 2 weeks and 2 days now.  I've been at the new job for two weeks, today.  And, today I finally got placed with a client.  I am now working 3 blocks aways from the AT&T park... you know... the place where the San Francisco Giants play.

It has been an interesting few weeks.  I stayed for the first week and a half staying at the Todd House... which is the place where out of town temple workers can stay the night if needed.  I've done a lot of temple work during these past two weeks.  This week, I'm staying with a 69 year old woman who loves to talk... I mean LOVES to talk.  I realize now that I can't just walk out of her house in the morning.  I need to plan at least an extra 20 minutes while she tells me everything about her life and her children and the people in the ward and the lady she knew when she was living in that other house across town.  She has been so welcoming but after spending almost two weeks alone, this is quite the opposite end of the chatting spectrum. 

However, next week I'm moving into a new place... like... really moving in.  I won't have a bed, since that's still stored nice and securely away in Utah but I'll get me one of thse fancy air mattresses.  The one and only single friend that I knew (and a formal roommate) suddenly had a place open up in Palo Alto.  It will be about a 45 minute commute but it will be with several girls and this can lead to a quick social life I'm hoping.  YAY!!!  My clothes (after two and a half months) will finally get a closet and I won't feel like I'm living out of boxes ... er... grocery bags and suitcases anymore.  YAY!!!  This is a short-term lease so in Janaury I'll be deciding to stay in Palo Alto or move into the City (that's local talk for San Francisco just so you know). 

Last of all, I'm a public transit commuter now.  I rode the Cal-Train for the first time today.  Luckily for the conducter was forgiving.  I bought the wrong ticket.  (I was wondering why it was only $6 instead of $18 for a roundtrip ticket but thought maybe it was a deal today :})  He was nice and educated me on how this thing works.  I got a one-way for my ride home and did it correctly this time.   

I got to walk about a mile each way today to and from work.  You know.... I think I'm going to like it here.  There has been a little bit of an adjustment time but I'm happy.  Everything seems to be falling into place nicely.

Well... My stop is next.  Maybe next time I'll have pictures to include rather than just a lot of words.