Thursday, September 22, 2011

Happy Birthday to Me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Another year has come and gone and it finished in a fantastic way!!!!

For the past month or so, I knew my birthday was coming.  Really... who forgets something like that.  I knew I had scheduled a class on Thursday but definitely didn't want to go to class that day, so in an effort to keep my day open, I went on Tuesday night.

Now... for the past few weeks I have this friend (Josh) that kept asking me what I was going to be to be doing for my birthday.  I plan parties and dinners but this is one thing during the year that I do not want to plan.  Call me selfish or whatever, but it's just the one day of the year that I for sure want someone else to do the planning.  So... I just kept telling Josh I didn't have anything planned.

Now comes the week of the BIG DAY... Still no one has really said anything to me.  Josh is still asking me what I'm going to do but now he's telling me "don't worry, you'll find something to do."  So... come Wednesday (my birthday is the next day) and still no plans for the BIG DAY.  However, I do have a great friend, Melanie, who wants to take me out for dinner.  I wake up to a text from Melanie asking where are are going.  I give her my few suggestions and she shoots down one of them.  During the day, I get a text for a my friend, Steve, wishing me a happy birthday.  He's a day early but that's okay.  I never really expect too much and the thought from him is nice.

So... Now it's the end of the day and Melanie is coming to pick me up for dinner.  She brings along her roommate, Gennie, and we now head to Katie's house who's decided to come.  I'm excited.  I'm going to one of my favorite places for dinner, with some of my favorite people, and I'm starving.  So... we go to pick up Katie....


Everyone is at Katie's house.  Pretty much the best surprise ever.  Here's the secret... I've always wanted to have a surprise party.  I've always wanted someone to throw one for me.  Apparently this was in the works for a while.  They pulled it off.  I started wondering if something was going on but this is not what I expected.  I thought maybe... there would be something later in the week ... or maybe Melanie was having some people meet us that restaurant.... or something.... Not a party.... I definitely liked the surprise party and BBQ!!!!!

They put together dinner and dessert and basically had my favorite pieces of food, including (and not necessary mixed together and not in any particular order):
  • Shrimp
  • Raspberries
  • Corn on the Cob
  • BBQ's food (in this case shish kebabs)
  • Risotto (at least something that I want to learn to make)
  • Salad with walnuts
  • Peaches
In addition, the party had most of my favorite people.  It was perfect.  Wouldn't have changed a thing.

The rest of the weeked was great too.  I went to dinner with Kelly and had a good time at Z'Tejas.  Ate way too much but it was so good.  Went shopping with Melissa Hansen and then off to play some intense dodgeball in Lehi with 5,000 of my closest friends from U of U and BYU.  Watched the end of the BSU game again Toledo.  Went golfing with Steve and Mark O. and then off to a very QUICK lunch with Kelly before taking her to the airport (she was crashing Russell and Kim's family vacation). Watched Utah beat BYU on Saturday, which was awesome.  Made Mexican Haystacks on Sunday and had some good friends over for dinner.  And... finished with celebrating Tina's birthday and took a few hours chatting with Tina and Fernando. 

It was pretty much a pretty AWESOME!!!! weekend.   It was PERFECT!!!!