Monday, June 18, 2012


I've been wanting to write a post for awhile and while I think of great posts at random times, I haven't written any of those posts down yet.  Tonight, I decided to put my thoughts down on paper.  I just want to take some space and recognize a few of my blessings. 

This past week or two, it seems that I keep hearing sad news.  Life is short and I realize, yet again, the importance of taking each day and make it meaningful.  Live your life so that your reputation and legacy will live on.  Live in a way that everyone you have met during the years will be happy to have known you. 

Now... on a more positive note.  Can I just say that I love my family!!!!!  As I hear of how others interact with their families and their in-laws, I feel so blessed.  My parents have taught us well and have raised the most incredible family.  My siblings are my best friends.   And... I don't use that phrase lightly.  Our family does not have the drama that other families are privy to.  Our family wants the best for each other.  And... we like each other.  We actually want to see each other and spend time together.  Now... first of all... I'm pretty sure that it's just my family who reads this so maybe I just I'm just trying to score some brownie points... But for the one or two other readers, you'll just have to deal with all this sappy stuff. 

What's so good about this group... Let me tell you...
  • They are smart

  • They produce cute kids
  • They are provide service to others
  • They are educated
  • They are goal-orientated

  • They are faithful
  • They are good examples of success marriages
  • They are fun

  • They demonstrate how to be genuine friends
  • They love to cook dinners and make messes of each others' houses

  • They successfully added in-laws that fit in well with our family
  • They will run Ragnar with me and not hate me for it
  • They will feed me if I just stop by their house because I don't feel like making my own food
  • They will call me at midnight, just to return my phone call
  • They are funny

  • They will give me career advice and support my professional goals
  • They will go running with me, even if they are tired

  • They will help me to rake leaves and tell me its because its a teaching moment for their children
  • They are dedicated to the Church and their callings
  • They live the Gospel in every true way
I think that's a good list for now.  There are more reasons... but we'll save those for another time.

(Disclaimer:  I don't have a ton of pics on my computer so sorry I couldn't get pics of everyone, in every situation.  Guess I need to come to Michigan to fill in the holes...)