Monday, November 19, 2012

San Francisco Lessons Learned

  1. Everyone owns a dog.  If you don't own a dog, you wish you had a dog.  Dogs are reasons to come to work later, leave work early, conversations starters.  If you don't like dogs, you better go to a different city. 
  2. Utah driving rules don't apply to the streets of San Francisco.  People let you in lanes when you put your blinker on.  A yellow light means to actually slow down and stop... not hurry up so the next 5 people go through the light behind you.
  3. Parallel parking is key to finding a place to park.
  4. Parking 5 blocks from your destination is considered "close". 
  5. Sunny days are valuable.  It seems like anytime the sun is out, people are super excited.  The thing is... I've seen more sunny days than foggy days but I sure that's going to change (but the way people are excited for the sun each day).
  6. No one cares about college football... unless they are a transplant for U of U or BYU.
  7. Everything is organic. 
  8. Not only do I have still have to figure out how to recycle, but now I have to figure out how to compost.  And... by compost... that doesn't mean scraps of food for the garden.  If you pay attention, your plasticware, food containers, etc. could be compostable. 
  9. Garage spots are gold.  If you find a place with a garage... its like hitting the lottery.
  10. Everyone is democratic and an Obama lover.  I thought I was more liberal but that changed once I got here.
  11. 80% of the people I meet work for some internet-based company (yeah... it's kind of weird to drive around and see the headquarters for AOL, LinkedIn,, etc.)
  12. Headphones are a key part of any commute, whether walking, riding the train, or driving.

As I learn more things, I'll keep you posted.  This will be critical when you come visit me.